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Postgraduate School of Technology and pathology of poultry,rabbit and game species  

The School Technology and pathology of poultry, rabbit and game species, has a three-year course, with 20 students and is open to Doctors In Veterinary Medicine.

The School, affiliated with the Department of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Sciences (DIVAS), is aimed to train specialists in the field of intensive poultry, rabbit and game species farming and wildlife management, conservation and protection. A total of 180 credits of training are provided in the three-year course, including lectures,practical activities and in-field activities within breeding farms, production chain and wildlife conservation and protection areas.

The training course, on the basis of ministerial decree (Italian Ministerial Legislative Decree 27 January 2006) provides that Specialists in Technology and Pathology of poultry, rabbit and game species acquire theoretical, scientific and professional knowledge:

  • in the field of animal health, with specific knowledge of infectious and parasitic diseases, as well as technopathies, with their etiological, epidemiological and clinical aspects and their consequences on production;
  • in the field of hygiene of breeding farms, applying proper managerial, bio-safety and vaccine prophylaxis measures;
  • in the field of the inspection of food, operating within the production chain to guarantee the quality of meat and egg production.
  • in the field of game species and wildlife management, conservation and protection, with special regard to biodiversity and to the management of rescue and recovery centers.

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