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Postgraduate School of Swine Pathology  

The Specialization School in Swine Pathology aims to prepare specialists in breeding and swine pathology to offer high technical and scientific support and assistance in the several aspects of pig farms management.

The achievement of the Degree in Swine Pathology Specialist lets the admission to the competitive examination for the health protection agency (ATS) in areas A and C.

The course of study lasts 3 years with compulsory attendance at academic, practical and professional training courses. School is usually activated every three years.

The qualification required for the admission is Degree in Veterinary Medicine based on Italian laws. In addition, it is mandatory to hold a Licence to practice in Veterinary Medicine.

For information on deadlines and enrollment procedures, see https://www.unimi.it/en/study/postgraduate-study/postgraduate-schools/postgraduate-schools-other-degrees  

The school operates within a training network provided with suitable resources for carrying out professional activities which includes, in addition to the structures of the University, with ad hoc agreements, the Zooprophylactic Institutes, health protection agency, feed industry and pigs farm. The teaching staff of the School is composed by professors from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Milan. The School may take advantage form external scientific and training skills, recruiting Italian of foreign university professors or freelance.

For further information, visit the UNIMI page.

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