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Postgraduate School of Infectious Diseases, Prophylaxis and Veterinary Police  

The Postgraduate School of Infectious Diseases, aims to train specialists in the identification, management and control of major infectious diseases affecting both companion animals and that of the production livestock sector. In such a way as to offer assistance and advice of a high technical and scientific level in the multiple aspects of conducting the foci of new diseases but also in the routine management of these diseases.

Graduation from the Postgraduate School enables admission to ATS competitions.

The course of study has a duration of 3 years with compulsory attendance at theoretical and practical classes and professionalizing internships. Activation of the first year of the school normally occurs every three years.

The qualification required for admission is a degree in veterinary medicine. Also required is the possession of a license to practice or its achievement by the 2nd session of the year 2022 (November 2022).

The School operates within a training network with adequate welfare and social welfare resources to carry out the professionalizing activities, which includes, in addition to the facilities of the State University, with stipulation of ad hoc agreements, IZS, ATS, Feed and Livestock Industries. The teaching staff of the School consists of Lecturers from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Milan. The School can make use of external scientific and teaching expertise by recruiting Italian or foreign university professors or practitioners.

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