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Postgraduate School of Equine Medicine and Sugery  

The School of Specialization in Equine Medicine and Surgery, based at the University Veterinary Hospital of Lodi, aims to provide trainees with scientific and professional, theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of equine medicine. The specialist must gain adequate understanding of Internal Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Infectious Diseases, Hygiene and Prevention, and Sports Medicine. Therefore, he/she will have to deepen the knowledge of physiopathology, functional and instrumental semeiotics of the different organs and systems; clinical signs,  diagnosis, therapy and prevention of organic, metabolic, infectious, parasitic diseases, as well as traditional and innovative bio-technologies for reproduction, diagnosis and therapy; sports medicine and performance evaluation; pharmacodynamics and toxicology relating to pharmacologically active molecules in sports medicine; the relevant medico-legal aspects. It must also deal with topics concerning breeding technology, taxonomic recognition and genetic improvement of the main equine breeds in relation to the different functional attitudes, the rational nutrition necessary for the performance of specific competitive activities and notions of general and special pharmacology and food toxicology. Epidemiology and clinical statistics, general and particular hygiene rules for the protection of farms and environment, are also important topics.

Teachers of the school of Specialization are expert from University of Milan and from other Italian and foreign Universities, Adjunct professors with proven experience in specific fields of equine medicine, surgery and reproduction, and lecturers from national institutions such as IZTS, CNR, F.I.S.E. Furthermore, professional training activities may be completed in other Italian Universities and Institutions according to established teaching agreements.

The specialization diploma is a valid title for applying for the access to the National Health Service in functional areas A of Animal Health and C of Hygiene of Livestock and Livestock Production.

For further information on the School, please consult the dedicated page on the UNIMI portal.

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