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Postgraduate School of Breeding, Hygiene, Diseases of Aquatic Species and Control of Seafood Derivatives  

The Postgraduate School in Breeding, Hygiene, Pathology of Aquatic Species and Control of Derived Products is a school reserved to graduates in Veterinary Medicine and aims to train a veterinary specialist in aquatic animal production, inspection, control and safety of fish products.

The school is divided into three years of course with a compulsory attendance of at least 70% of the scheduled lecture and activities hours. The preparation of the Specialist consists of lectures, practical activities and workshops. In addition, the Specialist must carry out practical traineeships at affiliated structures with the School.

Graduates in Veterinary Medicine are admitted to the School and it is mandatory to produce Licence to practice in Veterinary Medicine complying with Italian law.

The enrolment is subject to passing an entrance exam. The School accepts a maximum number of students according to what is reported in the admission announcement.

The training process of the School concerns the fundamental concepts of aquatic ecology, the morpho-functional aspects of organisms reared for aquaculture and from fishery, breeding of aquatic organism, the structural and management of aquaculture plants, fish nutrition, reproduction and fertility.

Particular attention is set to the knowledge of fish disease, by the teaching of ichthyopathology and infectious diseases, considered both as prevention and treatment of the disease. Moreover, inspection and safety of fishery and aquaculture products are further explored, aiming to qualify the veterinarian as a public health operator in aquaculture sector, to guarantee the consumer.

The specific regulatory aspects of the sector that involve EU and international regulations are also addressed.

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