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European Schools of Specialization  

The European Schools of Specialization: College, Internship, Residency, the European Diploma of Specialist and the European Board of Veterinary Specialization.

The European College is the title issued by one of the European Veterinary Medicine Colleges and represents the title that attests the highest level of theoretical practical competence of a specific discipline of the medical-veterinary profession. The colleges are associations that bring together veterinary surgeons who have passed the exam and obtained the title of European College of the reference specialty (for example dermatology, pathology, clinical pathology). The primary objective of each College is to define the training requirements and the experiences necessary to become a European Specialist and have the task of ensuring that the candidates of the specialization exam have followed a path of standard studies.

The list of European graduates (https://ebvs.eu/specialists) and the currently accredited colleges (26) and active (https://ebvs.eu/colleges) are listed in full on the EBVS website.

DIVAS Graduate List:

Dr. Simona Cannas
Prof. Mario Caniatti
Prof. Stefano Comazzi
Prof. Nicola Ferrari
Prof. Alessia Giordano
Prof. Chiara Giudice
Prof. Michela Minero
Prof. Vittorio Maria Moretti
Prof. Paolo Moroni
Prof. Clara Palestrini
Prof. Saverio Paltrinieri
Prof. Paola Roccabianca
Prof. Eugenio Scanziani
Prof. Maria Cristina Veronesi

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