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Skill Lab  

Skill 2023

The Skill Lab is a laboratory designed for students of Veterinary Medicine, Animal Husbandry and Animal Welfare, Animal Production Sciences and Veterinary Biotechnological Sciences.

At the Skill Lab, students can practice acquiring several practical skills without being subjected to the stress and risks of exercising on animals. Using realistic models, the student can easily make mistakes without having to worry about causing harm to the animal, increasing their confidence and ability to perform a particular procedure.

In the Skill Lab, thanks to the participation of students, collaborators and teaching staff members, students will also be able to practice independently and according to their individual level of preparation. As with any skill, the possibility of being able to repeat a particular "technical gesture" several times is a fundamental condition for increasing dexterity and therefore precision, effectiveness and competence.

Important resources have been used to set up the Skill Lab, to date all students can practice in many areas, there are different equipment ranging from puppets to perform a correct animal handling, up to mannequins on which it is possible to perform various clinical operations, such as transrectal palpations, blood samplings and much more.

The Skill Lab is open every day from 2 to 6 pm.

To book Skill Lab workstations:
Skill Lab workstations can be booked by Professors by sending an email to clinicalskilllabvet@unimi.it and by students using EasyPlanning platform.

The Skill Lab team:

Dr. Emanuela Dalla Costa (Coordinator)
Prof. Davide Danilo Zani (Teaching staff member)
Dr. Monica Probo (Teaching staff member)
Dr. Alessia Libera Gazzonis (Teaching staff member)
Dr. Gabriele Ratti (Collaborator)
Dr. Vincenzo Ferrulli (Collaborator)
Dr. Federica Brioschi (Collaborator)
Andrea Lorandi (Student)
Nadia Florio (Student)
Simone Tettamanti (Student)

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