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PhD Course  

The Department of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science is also the home of the PhD program in Veterinary and Animal Sciences (PhD VAS). The PhD program provides the PhD candidates with the opportunity to carry out their research in topics crossing over a wide range of disciplines related to Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science. The research and teaching activity is supported by 83 teachers that belong to the Schools of Veterinary Medicine, Animal Husbandry and Biotechnology of the University of Milan.


The Doctorate Program in Nutritional Sciences aims to promote integrated multidisciplinary and translational training in the field of nutrition research. The program covers fields such as nutrition, medicine, food chemistry, biology and veterinary medicine. There are also many opportunities for specialization, including human nutrition, diet therapy, nutraceuticals (including animal), food and food production, well-being, community nutrition, and food education, as well as animal nutrition (also as study model)and food safety. The integration of skills and knowledge on the overall theme of nutrition takes place in a synergistic and complementary way, offering an innovative as well as attractive training path.


PhD catalogue (https://www.unimi.it/en/taxonomy/term/8)

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