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DIVAS organizes and carries out training activities for all levels of university education aimed at training professionals who work in the various fields of protection, care and promotion of animal health and welfare in the health, zootechnical-environmental and biotechnological fields.

The Department also collaborates with several public and private structures to carry out assistance, research, and technology transfer activities, recognizing the essential link between research, teaching and assistance, in guaranteeing the fundamental right to health of animals and humans.

In the degree programs for which he is the main referent, the Department defines the aspects related to the training of veterinary surgeons in accordance with the standards required by current legislation, such as Directive 2005/36 / EC , implemented with the law of 6 February 2007, n. 13, and of professionals in sectors that have the animal as a subject and the protection of the environment, animal health and public goals; operating in the disciplines related to health, production, genetics and animal welfare.


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