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Progetto CASCO  

CASCO (“Evaluation of an integrated system for the control of gastrointestinal parasitosis of goat farms: environmental, agricultural-zootechnical and health implications”) is a project funded by the Lombardy Region under the Rural Development Plan (PSR 2014-2020) and it is dedicated to the control of endoparasitosis of dairy goat. CASCO started in September 2019 and will last three years.
About us
CASCO project is coordinated by the Department of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Sciences (DIVAS) together with the Department of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (DiSAA – Production, Territory, Agroenergy) and the Department of Environmental Sciences and Policies (ESP) of the University of Milan, with the collaboration of the farms “Capre e cavoli” by Chiara Pasquali, “Elleboro” by Samuele Cangi, “Il Vallone” by Mattia Crivelli and “Pian del Lares” by Flavio Carraro.

The project: CASCO
Contacts CASCO Department of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Sciences:
Prof. Maria Teresa Manfredi (Scientific Coordinator)
Prof. Maria Filippa Addis
Dr. Alessia Libera Gazzonis
Dr. Sergio Aurelio Giorgio Zanzani

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