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“Wildlife Health management & One Health” Lab  

The WildlifeHealth Lab aims to develop research in the field of wildlife health.
It aggregates Veterinary Medical expertise working in DIVAS-UNIMI related to aspects of environmental health, ecology, epidemiology, communicable diseases, population dynamics and genetics, diagnostics and pathophysiology. The WildlifeHealth Lab addresses health issues related to public health economic impacts and biodiversity, both in wild settings and in environments with varying degrees of anthropization (es urban habitat).
One of the main purposes of the WildlifeHealth Lab is to foster collaboration with public and private institutions, developing shared scientific investigations with territory based activities, providing foundations for assessing the different implications of wildlife towards humans, animals and the environment.
In addition, the Lab aims to enhance the dissemination of wildlife health issues, both at scientific and educational levels (third mission).


Prof. Stefano Comazzi (pathophysiology, diagnostics, clinical pathology, stress)
Prof. Nicola Ferrari (epidemiology, infection dynamics, surveillance systems, parasitology, zoonoses)
Prof. Gustavo Gandini (population genetics, bioethics, fauna in urban environment)
Prof. Guido Grilli (infectious disease diagnostics, zoonoses, assessment of reproductive activity in lagomorphs and sciuridae)
Prof. Stefania Lauzi (diagnostics, epidemiology, infectious diseases)
Prof. Camilla Luzzago (communicable diseases, health interactions among animal species, zoonoses, diagnostics)
Prof. Giuliano Ravasio (remote injection, pain management, anaesthesia side effects management)
Prof. Giuseppe Sironi (pathologic anatomy, necropsy diagnostics, histologic diagnostics)

Contact: faunavet@unimi.it

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