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QA of Research  

DIVAS was established on 1 January 2022. Pending the adoption of a Departmental Regulation, for the purposes of quality assurance in the context of research-related processes, the department has set up a Scientific and Research Commission (CSR).

The CSR performs functions similar to those of its pertinence in the founding departments aimed both at monitoring the departmental scientific activity and at identifying criteria for the distribution of resources, to be submitted to the department council, and to the subsequent preliminary work for the purposes of their assignment by the board itself.
The departmental QA Coordinator also in collaboration with the CRS:

  • monitors that the departmental research products are deposited in the Institutional Research Archive (IRIS / AIR);
  • participates in the drafting of the departmental three-year plan and related monitoring documents;
  • supports and assists, according to ANVUR indications, the procedures relating to the Assessment of Research Quality (VQR)
  • assists the activity of the contact person for Open Science, aimed at monitoring the actions relating to the application of the Open Science Policy of the University

Other relevant documents produced by the Department:



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