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Quality Assurance (AQ)  

The Quality Assurance (AQ) system of the Department of Medicine and Animal Sciences (DIVAS) intends to adopt and ensure quality implementation policies in the fields of teaching, research and the third mission, pursuing the values with which the University operates to ensure quality.
DIVAS pursues the satisfaction of the policies and objectives for the QA through internal procedures (planning, management, self-assessment and improvement) aimed at the continuous improvement of the training offer, management, research and third mission activities.
Responsible for the QA departmental processes are the Director and the QA Contact Person, appointed by the Director.
In accordance with what is indicated by the University PQA, the Insurance Department QA Coordinator ascertains that the actions taken comply with the University policies and the PQA guidelines. The Department QA Coordinator also coordinates: (i) with the Director and the internal bodies of the Department; (ii) with the PQA, of which he is the main reference for the Department's QA processes and provides support in the control, monitoring and data collection action.
The Department Council is regularly informed on the results of the monitoring of the quality of teaching, research and the third mission and promotes continuous improvement policies in accordance with the Department's Three-Year Plan (PTD) and the University Strategic Plan.

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