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Recruitment Committee (RC)  

The Recruitment Committee was firstly constituted in November 2017 as a direct initiative of the Director of the Department who appointed members and President in total autonomy.  The function of Recruitment Committee is to assist the Director in the complex and delicate mission of designing the strategic development of the staff, taking into account all the functions in his responsibility: teaching, researching and sanitary assistance. Recruitment Committee has exclusively the function of preparing documents to be submitted to the Director and to the Department Committee. Recruitment Committee does not assume decisions, but simply proposes criteria for a balanced and sustainable management of the development of DIVAS in order to optimize all the resources.

Prof. Mauro Di Giancamillo (Head)
Prof. Gaia Cecilia Luvoni (Deputy Head)
Prof. Silvia Clotilde Bianca Modina (CdL coordinator)
Prof. Vittorio Maria Moretti (CdL coordinator)
Prof. Gabriella Tedeschi (CdL coordinator)
Prof. Alessandro Bagnato (AGR/17)
Prof. Silvia Cerolini (AGR/20)
Prof. Luca Maria Chiesa (VET/04)
Prof. Anna Antonia Maria Gaviglio (AGR/01)
Prof. Alberto Maria Luciano (VET/01)
Prof. Maria Teresa Manfredi (VET/06)
Prof. Michela Minero (AGR/19)
Prof. Paolo Moroni (VET/05)
Prof. Luciano Pinotti (AGR/18)
Prof. Daniela Proverbio (VET/08)
Prof. Giuseppe Sironi (VET/03)
Prof. Damiano Stefanello (VET/09)
Prof. Francesco Maria Tangorra (AGR/09)
Prof. Maria Cristina Veronesi (VET/10)
Prof. Daniele Vigo (VET/02)
Prof. Roberto Edoardo Villa (VET/07)

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