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Anti-corruption and transparency  

The University of Milan (UNIMI), like any public administration, has its own Anti-Corruption and Transparency Officer (Responsabile della Prevenzione della Corruzione e della Trasparenza, RPCT), as required by Law no. 190/2012 to assess the organization's exposure to the risk of corruption and suggest mitigating measures.

The RPCT is responsible for preparing the anti-corruption and transparency three-year plan (PTPCT), based on the strategic guidelines issued by the governing board, and for monitoring its implementation. The RPCT oversees compliance with statutory disclosure obligations, and ensures that published information is complete, clear and up-to-date (pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 33/2013).

In addition to the RPCT, in October 2018, the University created the position of Vice Rector with authority for ensuring Lawfulness, Transparency and Equal Rights, and promoting ongoing dialogue and collaboration between governance boards, the RPCT and university administration on key anti-corruption and transparency issues.


The contact persons for anti-corruption and transparency of the Department of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Sciences (DIVAS) are:


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